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Sponsorship Opportunities

For Dozer Day® Event

Dozer Day® would not be possible if it wasn’t for our amazing sponsors who provide the finances and equipment that make this event ROCK!

The Central Washington Home Builders Association is privileged to partner with the Nutter Foundation to bring Dozer Day® to Central Washington. CWHBA is sure that the success of the Vancouver Dozer Day® can be replicated in Central Washington. It will take the support of our community to ensure that this happens. Dozer Day® teaches about building sustainable communities, industry opportunities and educating children about safety.

Thank you for considering a partnership with Central Washington Home Builders Association to present Dozer Day® to the Central Washington region. The following is information to assist in your decision on how to become involved.

Facts About Dozer Day® Event

• Central Washington Home Builders Associations is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization
• Donations are tax-deductible (contact your tax advisor for details)
• Children’s charities benefit from Dozer Day®
• Dozer Day® is the 3rd weekend in March
• VIO (Very Important Operator) time will be from 9am-11am
• Dozer Day® will be open to the public from 11am-4pm both days
• Sponsorship deadline is January 1st to ensure booth space and inclusion on printed materials

Through partnerships this event will ROCK!

*In-kind donations receive a sponsorship value totaling half the items’ retail value (example: equipment donation valued at $5,000 retail receives a $2,500 Dozer Day® sponsorship). $10,000 sponsors must provide a minimum $5,000 cash donation. For more information on Dozer Day® sponsorship, contact Carly Faul: